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KOZMO hotel és társasházi lakások az egykori Józsefvárosi Telefonközpont épületében
Draskóczy Gergely
Tervezés éve
1082 Budapest, Horváth Mihály tér 17-19.
Budapest Építészeti Nívódíja, dicséret, 2022
At time of construction, the former Józsefváros Telephone Exchange Building was extremely modern both in its original function (communication technology) and in its structure (an early example of the use of reinforced concrete), while its design straddled the border between Eclecticism and Art Nouveau. This building has now been repurposed with an exceptionally high architectural standard.
Later, it lost its function and stood empty, so in a sense it embodied the concept of a "brownfield". The surroundings of the building, including the public areas, severely needs rehabilitation, which the successful reutilization can perhaps initiate in the form of an "urban acupuncture". Most of the building is occupied by the hotel, which can be accessed from the original entrance to the newly built, steel-glass reception zone, either on foot or – until unloading the suitcases – by car. The meticulousness of historic preservation extends down to the details (such as the restoration of the ceramic tiling of the generous main stairwell). By removing a slab installed in a later phase, the establishment of a grandiose catering room overlooking the courtyard became possible. Placing the wellness unit in the basement proved to be a serious technical challenge. A promising intervention was carried out from an urban development point of view: cleaning up the ground plan of the building, which was almost hopelessly rebuilt many times during the later renovations, as well as the getting closer to the original state was successful.
Batár Zsolt
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