Budapest Legend
Budapesti kortárs építészet térképen
Budapest contemporary architecture map

website proprietor: Chamber of Budapest Architects

idea: Balázs Csapó

creative concept: Gergely Hartmann, Dániel Kozma, Fülöp Schmal

photography image design, cover images: Fülöp Schmal

graphic arts: Dániel Kozma

database plan: Gergely Hartmann

English translation: Nóra Gaschler-Gyeviki

curator: Gergely Hartmann

curator of walking routes: János Klaniczay

co-curator of walking routes: Athina Edvy

supported by:
Hungarian Academy of Arts
Prime Minister's Office, Deputy State Secretariat for Architecture and Construction

In 2019, the implementation of the professional program called the Development of a Map Register for the Presentation of Budapest City’s Contemporary Architectural Values was supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.