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73-apartment municipal rental housing
Csernyánszky Gábor
Rádius Építészműterem Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1211 Budapest, II. Rákóczi Ferenc út 97–105.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2004
The district municipality has decided to build rental apartments in Csepel, which is a welcome fact in itself. Less good news is that the residential block was meant to be the first step of a three-phase project, but in the meantime the municipality has given up the original idea, and sold the rest of the development area for other purposes.
The building’s main deficiency difficult to eliminate is its location: despite the high-level soundproofing of the windows, the wing on the II. Rákóczi Ferenc út side is probably even less attractive than the apartments opening onto the spine-road, from where they will soon be exposed to high levels of noise. The designer wanted to provide an acceptable solution under such conditions. The question is whether the inner promenade can be continued in the neighboring area of developments with different functions or will be interrupted, thus becoming somewhat meaningless. In the latter case, the designer’s intention to provide access to the long, narrow area (laying on a busy location between the HÉV and the planned route of the Csepel spine-road) from an internal promenade will be less valid. Compared to the Plattenbau dwellings in the area, this residential complex is a real highlight with its deep red painted façade and dissolved, lean-to roof masses. The U-shaped, semi-open backyards with the small playground and green areas are pleasant. Of the apartments, the gallery homes on the upper level are the most attractive. The design of the other two-storey apartments is acceptable, however, a carefully planned layout would be particularly important for such a small floor area. Here, the value in use of some solutions is debatable (e.g. the stairs inside the flats seem to be too narrow). In summary, however, it can be said that an exemplary, high-quality residential building was created in the city center of Csepel, truly representing a new architectural standard.
Schmal Fülöp
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