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Science Park Office Building
Nagy Iván, Cságoly Ferenc
Építész Stúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1117 Budapest, Irinyi József utca 4–20.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2002
The building, which serves as Ericsson’s research and development center, represents an architectural standard and refined design that makes it stand out from similar buildings. This quality may be common in today's Germany, the Scandinavian countries or Austria, but in Hungary it reaches the victory over the domestic system of conditions. Therefore, the house must be classified among the architectural values that represent the age of their origin in a worthy manner and at a high standard.
The positioning of the office building helped the architects create a sensitive and intelligent solution: they were able to harmonize two former urban architecture concepts and compositions previously conflicting with and non-reflective to each other. The mass of one wing continues the rhythm of the blocks of flats lined up on the edge of Irinyi utca, while the delicate arch of the other wing’s end façade is adapted to the evocation of a once-imagined city gate. The design, which apparently refers to the architecture of Le Corbusier (cf. Pavillon Suisse, 1930-33), sometimes turns into mere formalism. Even if the modernity and appropriateness of this starting point is questionable, the unified, consistently designed architectural and aesthetic program works beyond debate. The interiors repeat the problematic issues of the last decade’s office building architecture. There was only a limited opportunity (mostly through the choice of finishes and materials) to make the originality declared on the building’s exterior appear in the interiors as well. However, it can be stated in general that a high-quality office building was created, being much more sensitive and wittier than the average level. In addition, it also gave a satisfactory answer to a previously open and unsolved urban architecture question.
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