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Twenty-apartment condominium
Marillai Árpád
Árkád Marillai-Szabó Építész Iroda
Designed in
Built in
1036 Budapest, Nagyszombat utca 4.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2001
The building is very close to the Amphitheater, one of the main hubs of Óbuda. The area is quite heterogeneous from an architectural point of view, not providing much help for the design of a new house. The task was not easy: a twenty-apartment condominium had to be placed on a 12-meter-wide, L-shaped corner plot surrounded by firewalls on the inside.
The solution: a house raised on pillars, with parking lots on the ground floor. The house is accessed via a 3.5-meter-wide private service road from Nagyszombat utca. The design is appealing and fits the function at the same time. The entrance and the staircase are placed between the two parking areas, at the building’s center of gravity, also marked by the changing choice of material running along the entire height of the façade. One of the outstanding architectural values of the building is the carefully designed and constructed ground floor foyer. On the four residential levels, there are apartments of roughly the same size and standard: two bedrooms, a living-dining-kitchen unit, a loggia on the south side and an east-facing, spacious balcony with a semi-circular floor plan. The layout is clean and well-functioning, and though the size and location of the pantries and the lack of windows in the kitchens are not the luckiest solutions, these compromises are acceptable for a vacant lot. The apartments can be entered from sufficiently wide internal corridors facing the firewalls and receiving natural light at their western end. In its composition, forms and floor plans, the building can be boldly compared with the top-quality foreign examples, that is why it is definitely remarkable.
Schmal Fülöp
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