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Ecumenical school
Kiss Attila
Szerzői Jogvédő Hivatal
Designed in
Built in
1028 Budapest, Községháza utca 8–10.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 1996
The greatest virtue of the building is the U-shaped, inward-turning spatial organization that creates a special, intimate inner world for the school. The three preserved trees standing in the well-proportioned, intimate courtyard can also be interpreted as a symbol of ecumenism, i.e. the three largest Christian denominations in Hungary.
The building is otherwise free of all direct references, and its architecture also avoids empty, formal solutions. The hall on the ground floor is a continuation of the courtyard flowing inside the building; and the children are free to take possession of and use this lobby. From the outside, however, some architectural elements are debatable: the use of wood and stone largely reflects the schematic expectations of public thinking and taste. In spite of this, the façade is aesthetic, calm, yet varied as a result of the choice of materials. The proportion of the building masses is also questionable, although the school does not stand out of the surrounding built environment as a stranger. The house is friendly and inviting even from the street, to the great delight of the residents of the area (especially the children).
Schmal Fülöp
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