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Meséskert Kindergarten with passive house certification
Nagy Csaba, Pólus Károly
Archikon Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1134 Budapest, Kassák Lajos utca 17.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Special Commendation, 2017
The Meséskert Kindergarten’s new building is located in an area of District XIII that is densely built with residential and office buildings. Taking into account the circumstances, the designers developed a novel architectural concept for the project. The main objective was to allow large numbers of children to play in the open air, despite the limited size of the area.
The first and second floors host 8 group rooms each, with a total capacity of 400 children. The floors’ communal spaces and additional facilities are organized extremely rationally. Natural light trickled into deep building tracts and great wall arts applied as a secondary interior design tool make for a fun interior. The building is a certified passive house, which means it is extremely modern from an energy point of view. The real innovation, however, was the roof garden; it is as if one of Le Corbusier's most beautiful dreams had come true. The roof garden serves the world of children with fantastic spatial richness, with great indoor and outdoor spaces for intense play and exercise. The roof garden organically complements the playground in the garden, and the two together provide a garden area almost equal to the size of the plot. The roof garden’s design and structural solutions are exemplary, the three inner courtyards look like the holes of a shape sorter, providing a beautiful fifth façade for the residents of the surrounding high-rise buildings. From a bird's eye view, it is immediately clear that we have something unusual at hand, some playful and humane place for children within the dense metropolis. In many fields, Meséskert Kindergarten can serve as an example for future kindergartens and childcare institutions built in the dense urban environments.
Tőrös Ágnes, Pásztor Ádám
Kiss Tamás, Várhidi Bence
Bujnovszky Tamás
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