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Villa in Hűvösvölgy
Taraczky Dániel
Art1st Design Stúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1021 Budapest, Völgy utca 53.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, diploma, 2016
The family house, located on a not too large plot in a nice street of Hűvösvölgy running to a forest and a creek, was built to take full advantage of the permitted site coverage.
The cellar, basement, ground floor and first floor make a total of 356 m2, accommodating a music room, a sauna and a gym in addition to the rooms needed for a family of four. In the strictly designed layout, the life of the house is organized along a glass corridor that runs in the core of the longitudinal building. On the one hand, this central light axis arranges the row of spaces in a unity, and on the other hand, it fills the building with light. Two closed boxes facing the street dominate the sight of the house, one of them is finished with wooden boards, while the other has anthracite Gres tile cladding. Together with the anthracite gray metal sheets and glass, these four materials give a consistent character to the building surfaces. The building opens to the garden and the opposite wooded hillside, the interior façade has a dynamic spatial solution, and gets closer to nature with terraces. The concentrated architectural design and consistent use of materials both inside and out resulted in a compact family home that even the client can be rightly proud of. A family found a home in a reassuring way both in in physical and mental terms.
Rimaszombati Erika, Mangel-Hóbor Eszter, Sályi Eszter
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