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ELTE memorial place of World War II victims in Trefort-garden
Albert Farkas, Bujdosó Ildikó, Fajcsák Dénes, Lukács Eszter, Szabó Levente, Szigeti Nóra, Polgárdi Ákos, Roth János
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Built in
1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 6–8.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2015
The ELTE Faculty of Humanities involved architects to commemorate the university professors and students who died during World War II. The ELTE invited the ÉME Master School for the design competition, the winning design is a collaborative creation of masters and students, in keeping with the spirit of the training.
A special feature of the realized concept is that it does not appear heroically or in a point-like way but its discreet typography, clinging to the walls and houses, interweaves the whole garden with the possibility of remembrance. The barely noticeable, narrow but 200 meters long bronze strip, integrated in the brick joints of two campus buildings between Múzeum körút and Puskin utca, lists the name and personal data of 198 former academic citizens. The intellectual presence of the work goes beyond the physical reality of the monument: remembrance as the legacy of the place is brought to a palpable proximity. This special work of art, realized in Trefort-garden in a participatory design process, is a good example of the possibilities being open for architectural thinking in many directions.
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