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Passive house with 100 flats
Nagy Csaba, Pólus Károly
Archikon Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1135 Budapest, Jász utca 91.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2016
The passive house with 100 flats was implemented as part of the housing program of the Municipality of District XIII, offering classic rental housing and also functioning as a Fecskeház (=Swallow House, program for supporting the settlement of young people). Even the fact that municipal funds have been invested in social housing is to be welcomed, but here the result is an outstanding architectural and innovative engineering performance.
The building has a floor area of 9,900 m² and the value of the investment is HUF 2.5 billion. The 40, 50 and 60 m² flats, placed in three separate blocks, are oriented to the exterior façade. The appearance of the building is more traditional with white plaster and balconies. Despite the three units, the architectural appearance of the ensemble is completely uniform: the dominant interior elements are the exposed concrete and green sheet metal surface, the bold coloring, and the disciplined, rigorous but excitingly rhythmic design of staircases, pillars and outside corridors. The architectural feature of the outside hanging corridor is that it is moved away from the windows of the apartments overlooking the inner garden. This enhances the intimacy of the apartments and provides illumination from above. However, due to its architectural quality, the building is not rigid or boring: the corridors jumping in and out, insights and various courtyards humanize the whole picture. The building is certified by the "Darmstadt Passivhaus Institut" which recognizes energy minimization measures. The positive consequence of this is that the residents pay very low cost of heating and cooling. Compact mass formation, keeping the proportion of glass surfaces below 40%, precise orientation, exterior shading with lamellas and modern building services solutions allow for the economical operation of the building. In addition to the contributing architects and engineers, the Municipality of District XIII as investor is also recognized for the development of this innovative residential block.
Déri Dániel
Kiss Tamás, Várhidi Bence
Batár Zsolt, Bujnovszky Tamás
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