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Szomszédok Piaca (=Neighbors Market) in Budafok
Kertész András Tibor
Avant-Garde Építész Stúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1221 Budapest, Játék utca 2–12.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2016
The Neighbors Market was built in the center of Budafok, on the site of the former market. Beyond its primary function, its well-thought-out spatial arrangement and high architectural quality also make the facility be able to act as a catalyst for the emergence of a new city center.
For the reconsideration of the area’s utilization, the local government launched an architectural competition, the winner of which, András Kertész was assigned to design the building and the adjoining public space. The basic character of the building is given by the system of cubes articulated in a chessboard-like arrangement. The overall appearance is a prestigious public building that re-positions the public space, upgrading it to a venue for community meetings. At the same time, it properly serves the basic feature, i.e. the function of the market. In addition to accurate and proportional mass formation, the choice of material and color also plays an important role. The building is covered with whitish cream-colored bricks and supports a white steel roof structure. Solid steel slabs placed at varying heights are connected with opened up vertical surfaces. The duality of brick and steel forms a noble unity, while providing a sufficiently neutral backdrop to the noisy world of the market. Inside the block, enclosed from the outside and inwardly acting in an agora-like way, a special, well-ordered world is formed. Thanks to the atrium design and the dynamic mass formation, ventilation, shading and lighting are excellently solved. The courtyard vegetation helps to keep the market cool even in the summer heat. The created architectural work was immediately and naturally accepted by the local community and is expected to have a significant positive impact not only on the center of this city part, but possibly on the entire life of the district.
Juhász Kristóf, Klopp András, Gál Róbert
Kertész András Tibor, Tóth Attila
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