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Corvin Corner Office Center
Szász László
Stúdió'100 Építészeti Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1082 Budapest, Futó utca 31–33.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Award Recipient, 2016
The transformation of the Corvin Quarter is well-known: located in this rapidly changing architectural environment, the office building on the Futó utca-Práter utca corner seeks to balance the features expected by investors with the character of the district’s historic buildings. The immediate surroundings, the huge block of the mall and the opposing turn-of-the-century classicizing residential buildings all have an impact on the appearance and operation of the Corvin Corner Office Center.
Both the rhythmic façade of the building and the composition of plaster-glass surfaces are contemporary transcriptions of the perforated-façade architecture. Although there are rent areas on the ground floor, the house does not want to live an intense life, seeing that the commercial power of the area has already been attracted by the adjacent shopping mall. At the same time, car and bicycle storage facilities were created on the ground floor too, which is a cost-effective solution on the one hand, and an honest answer to how an office building can be run on that street on the other hand. Gray expanded board cladding appears next to the garage entrance and in the interior: an honest and rational solution, with a stunning aesthetic effect. In the open-plan offices, building services pipes and cabling are installed under the ceiling for flexible use of space, giving a beautifully organized overall view. For those sitting by the densely lined monitors, a nice escape is the view to the beautiful little garden inside the plot or, on the upper floors, to the panorama of the old roofs of Pest.
Architect collaborators
Vannay Miklós, Mórocz Balázs, Dombóvári János
Bujnovszky Tamás
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