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Villa in Ordas utca
Vonnák János, Vonnák Kata
Vonnák és Társai Építész Stúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1121 Budapest, Ordas utcca 3.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, diploma, 2016
The two-storey detached house on Szabadság-hegy surprises the visitor with its spacious rooms and the beautifully composed view opening to the large land of ancient trees. This contemporary house formed with rich architectural tools revives the finest architectural traditions of burgher villas.
The living/dining room is a grandiose space, making various insights and openings possible. Family life flows beautifully in this living zone. The interiors open not only optically but also physically, as they are completed with terraces opening in two directions towards the garden. The precisely positioned glass surfaces make the connection between outdoors and indoors a beautiful spatial experience even on cold and rainy days. While the large ground floor space is transparent and invites people for public use, the residents' private rooms are located upstairs, created with personalized design and hidden from prying eyes. In the basement of the villa, connected to the atrium-like space of the lower garden level, there hides the separate apartment of a university-student-age child. In spite of the glass surfaces, it provides an intimate living space thanks to its layout. The villa’s interior and exterior are of extremely high quality. Yet, the villa finished with white plaster and limestone cladding is not ostentatious in its appearance but follows the scale of modernist villas. Despite its large openings, it discreetly protects the luxurious interior.
Architect collaborators
V. Tanos Márta, Horváth Péter, D. Kriszt Irén
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