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Villa A15
Fazekas Katalin DLA, Vilics Árpád
Kettőpera Stúdió Kft
Designed in
Built in
1121 Budapest, Alkony út 15/c.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2022
The villa is hidden on the hillside rising above Zugliget. The house doesn't want to show itself off but tries to occupy the vantage point in the most modest way, from where the only structure visible in the forest-cut opening to the Jánoshegy lookout is the lookout tower itself. The rest are forests and forests – we probably don't find many such places in Budapest.
The building mass is almost imperceptible: it loses its importance thanks to the cross views, the airy, indicative canopy, the refined and witty connections between the exterior and interior spaces – attention is concentrated on the rooms and spatial connections, passages, and stairs. The material reality of the house created with minimal architectural tools is given by the characterful brick, exposed concrete structural elements and the roof structure of an almost vernacular feel. The spaces flowing into each other across the two levels are actually connected to the surrounding landscape at every point. The spaces are well-proportioned, and with its careful detailing the built-in furniture becomes part of the claddings and finishes. Mobile furnishing is also an integral part of the balanced interior design concept. The modern, low-energy building service system of the house is noteworthy – but also the precise construction of the mechanical and electrical networks. The landscape architecture solutions used in the forest environment, as well as the carefully selected intensive plantings, deserve a special mention. As a whole, the building suggests harmony: its siting, spatial arrangement, and restraint style are exemplary.
Electrical engineer
Tóth Zoltán
Building services engineering
Végh Benedek, Astra Consilium Kft.
Building constructions
László Viktor, Konstruaterv Kft., Madaras Koppány, mdrs2 Kft.
Landscape design
Pécsi Máté, objekt Kft.
Danyi Balázs
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