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‘Zöldike’ Nursery in Budafok
Nagy Csaba, Pólus Károly
Archikon Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1223 Budapest, Terv utca 14/a.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2022
The three-unit Zöldike Nursery of Budafok-Tétény Municipality was built on the southeastern slope of the Tétényi plateau. With its raw, plastered walls and green roof, the building does not want to stand out from its surroundings, defining itself as part of the landscape.
When taking a closer look, a series of exterior and interior spaces can be seen that are elaborated to their full depth, where the designers have thought of all future users of the building with care. The pavilion-like layout divided into pairs of group rooms breaks down the large building into smaller masses, so it fits well with the scale of the surrounding family houses. The articulated mass is covered by a uniform, extensive green roof following the slope of the plot, which breaks at the group rooms and prominent places. This way it embraces the adjoining playgrounds and provides shade and rain protection. The dimensions of the windows vary, many of them are adapted to the kids’ dimensions, which makes the façade playful. This play is continued by the ventilation shafts of the basement system located below the site, made from reinforced concrete well rings, which the architects integrated in the composition: the fairytale-like chimneys perforated with circles become part of the building and the garden. The rational layout of the floor plan is combined with a sensitive interior design concept: colors and natural wooden surfaces appear only in very restrained pastel shades in the bright rooms, there are no unnecessary gestures. The careful design approach, which covers every detail in addition to the big picture, sets an example to follow for future architects of spaces for young children.
Garden and landscape design
Massányi Edina, Open Air Design Kft.
Building constructions
Pintér Tibor, ÉKI Terv Mérnökiroda Kft.
Building services engineering
Makáry Csaba, Agorex Kft.
Electrical engineering
Kapitor György, Zone-Plan Kft.
Kitchen technology
Rátonyi Árpád, Quartisse Kft.
Danyi Balázs
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