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Budapesti kortárs építészet térképen
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Above-ground spatial planning of Bakáts tér and connecting streets
Szloszjár György
Garten Studio
Designed in
Built in
1092 Budapest, Bakáts tér
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2022
The iconic square of Belső-Ferencváros has been waiting for renovation for a long time, the financial framework for this was provided by the capital's TÉR_KÖZ tender with a substantial municipal contribution. The plan that aimed at transforming the square went through many versions and was forged into its final form in the crossfire of heated debates, where the parking, traffic flow, traffic calming, greening and representation needs fought with each other.
The finally constructed plans include less representation (e.g. the long planned fountain was omitted), more significant traffic calming and more greenery. Overall, these gestures make the location calmer, more charming, more humanized, featuring a high aesthetic quality in its streetscape. The clinker-brick-like appearance of the pavements lends the square and Bakáts utca a unique image and a kind of framing. The experimental technological solutions that improve the living space of existing and replaced trees with the large-scale application of the Stockholm Tree Pits System deserve special attention, as they make the landscaping work exemplary and pioneering in this respect as well. Bakáts tér has become an important and good example of downtown public area rehabilitation, which is currently complemented by exemplary maintenance, along with the fact that the square is sometimes subjected to significant use by major events.
Lead landscape designer
Steffler István
Landscape design
Bőhm Gábor
Landscape design
Pálffy Dóra
Glázer Attila, Bartus Boglárka
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