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Attila 99 Loft spartment house
Dékány Tibor, Hatvani Ádám
Sporaarchitects Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1012 Budapest, Attila út 99.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2022
The building complex on Attila út is a strange mixture of a bourgeois residential building and a loft house with an industrial atmosphere. This multicolor appearance is not a new phenomenon as Dénes Györgyi's 1937 building already uniquely combined the residential function with the office and the transformer building. The plant building of Elektromos Művek (Municipal Electric Works) has fit well into the façades on Attila út, however, finding the perfect mimicry of the house was not easy.
Over time, the building lost its function: the transformer station was rendered redundant by the radical transformation of the Budapest electrical network, and then the computer center became functionally obsolete due to the development of IT. You might think that creating luxury apartments using an empty building frame would be an easy task, however, this was not the case here. The characteristics of the original spatial system created a very complex spatial task, where establishing a well-functioning building based on the positions of the old staircases and elevators, the different floor heights and walking levels, and the ventilation shafts defining the mass of the building was a challenge that required a lot of creativity. Fortunately, the generous design program made it possible to create a grand-style spatial structure for the apartments. Withdrawing the restaurant on the ground floor also proved to be a very good decision, which gesture also enriched the park area of the Bugát steps with a new element. Another special challenge was the reinterpretation of the typical industrial door and window systems of the original building. Although the house is not a listed building, it is an exciting element of our built heritage. The architects took great care to preserve and develop the character of the original house, the architectural details, structural solutions. Both the apartments and the restaurant were implemented with a sensitive, creative architectural quality.
Hlinka Zsolt
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