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H151 Apartment House
Déri Dániel, Pásztor Ádám
Studio Kraft Építész Műterem
Designed in
Built in
1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 151/B.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2023
The heterogeneous architectural environment of Lipótmező is still dominated by greenery, thus erecting a five-apartment condominium on the site of a previously demolished villa without cutting down a single tree perfectly fits into this context.
The building combines two types of character: the intimacy of old villas and the functionality of small-scale high-quality condominium architecture. This duality is most strikingly shown by the choice of materials and forms: a light gray penthouse level with a pitched roof has been added to the two-story, greyish brown clinker-clad, compact block. The earth-colored, monolithic mass seems to grow out of the ground, and the airy roofing covered with light gray metal sheet almost merges with the sky. Thus, the house blends into the landscape, leaving the spotlight for the surrounding old-growth forest. The duality is further strengthened by the fine details adapted to this order. The thoughtfulness of the façade cladding’s setting out, the wooden skin of the gable walls, or the curved railings evoke the elegance of old villa architecture, while the simple, monolithic mass, the excellent orientation or the rationality of floor plans and building mechanical solutions speak of modernity. Upon entering the building, the continuity of colors and large openings connect the space of the staircase to the exterior by. The interior design of the apartments uses timeless, understated architectural tools: the elegance of the white walls and natural wood materials are made unique by the subtle designs of the bathrooms. The building, which fits into its natural surroundings, has been thoroughly elaborated inside and out, and has a clean, yet typical character, appearing as a fresh, Scandinavian breeze in the Hűvösvölgy area, and setting an example for architects, contractors, and clients alike.
Building constructions
Lengyel Dávid (S-4 Mérnökiroda Kft.)
Structural engineering
Szabó István
Building services engineering
Petik Gábor
Electrical engineering
Koncz Benedek
Fire protection
Pukánszky Gabriella (Nokesy Design Kft.)
Landscape design
Nemes Zoltán
Elevator engineering
Déri László
Acoustics and environmental protection
Csott Róbert
Danyi Balázs
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