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Villa in Sasad
Földes László
Földes és Társai Építésziroda Kft.
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Built in
1112 Budapest, Botfalu 13.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2023
The landscape undulates in Sasad. The streets planned before the war are unusually wide, the eye sweeps over rows of trees and well-kept shrubs in front of the fences. Suburban streets, well-kept environment. The quality and age of the buildings are extremely diverse. The scale is the only alignment point that almost every construction, regardless of age, adheres to. This house is also like that, but here, in addition to the scale-adaptation, the architecture is also exemplary.
When building villas, the identity of the client is particularly important. In this case, design is an intimate, confidential genre. The knowledge of the architect alone is of little value if the harmony with the client is not perfect. In this case, the joy of common work is immediately felt. Architectural quality and restrained balance meet the client's intention. There are no exaggerations, the spaces are just the right size, perfect orientation, good siting on the plot, choice of high-quality, timeless materials, finely elaborated details characterize the house. Everything is so obvious. On the terrain that rises from the street, the mass steps up nicely. It fits right here, right now. Since its handover, the house has been beautifully covered by vegetation. The building material is a bit worn to the surroundings, so it is even more difficult to tell how old the villa is – it is timeless. The house number was cast from the concrete of the fence wall. A confident statement – kind of unchangeable, final. The house is used by its inhabitants, there is no more architecture, no details, no criticism, just a home. We wish us many, many more like this.
Lukács Anna
Máté Balázs
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