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National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre / Central European Art History Research Institute
Vasáros Zsolt
Narmer Építészeti Stúdió
Designed in
Built in
1135 Budapesz, Szabolcs utca 33.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2020
Given the perhaps overly emblematic plans to be implemented in the Városliget and its catchment area, it is really reassuring to see the moderate professionalism of the OMRRK complex: here everything is exactly what it seems to be.
First of all, the program itself must be emphasized with the innovation inherent in it, defining an internationally significant museum center, which, in addition to high-quality spaces for centralized storage and restoration, also provides space for art theory research. Another virtue of the project is the way it treats the site and its built heritage. After careful analysis, the most valuable buildings of the former Jewish Hospital in Szabolcs utca, designed by Vilmos Freund, were not only kept, but, for example, with the reconstruction of the previous, sometimes brutal layers of usage, the renewed space of the former house of prayer gave the whole ensemble an outstandingly strong architectural character. The main building carries the best traditions of the industrial-technological architecture of Hungary, it is enough to mention the consistency of the spatial structure. At the same time, the façade design refines the house’s character into a demanding public building in a way worthy of the institution’s complex function and significance. The OMRRK ensemble is perhaps one of the most important cultural investment projects of recent decades, in which the client's intentions and the architect's professional, integrative and proactive approach have created unique values.
Lead architect in charge
Vasáros Zsolt
Architectural Co-designer
Sasvári Áron, Bandur-Juhász Emőke, Nagy Gábor
Interior designer
Véner Ágnes, Eiszrich Ágnes, Kováts Petra, Vasáros-Lévai Melinda
Megyesi Zsolt, Somlai Anikó, Gáll András, Kőnig Anna, Krauth Veronika, Molnár Bianka, Nusszer Diána, Szabó Anna, Mayer Tamás, Sági Gergely, Szabó Réka, Bálint Adrienn, Békés Ádám, Tari Bálint, Brotesser Zsuzsanna, Zsarnóczky Renáta, Süveges Gréta
Garden and landscape design
Müller Krisztina (NAPkert-bioFÉNY Kft.)
Building constructions
Reisch Richárd, Mile Viktória, Szutor Tamás, Harmat Nóra, Ámon Attila (FRT Raszter Építésziroda Kft.)
Structural engineering
Blasius Norbert (X-pol Kft.), Pintér Sándor, Gergye Zoltán, Petrilla Zsolt (Szigma Stúdió Kft.)
Building services engineering
Makáry Csaba, Kalmár Zoltán, Mottl Tamás (Agorex Kft.)
Electrical engineer
Méhész Márton, Peták András (V.A.-IQ Kft.)
Harmath László, Juhász Jenő, Pusztafalvi Zoltán (IQ Kft.)
Exposed concrete structures
Varga Péter István DLA (VPI Stúdió Bt.)
Public utilities
Bíró Attila, Hanczár Gábor, Tóth Gábor (KÉSZ Tervező Kft.)
environmental protection
Komlóssy Eszter (Komlóssy Mérnöki Kft.)
Accessibility design
Kormányos Anna
Fire protection (building permit plan)
Horváth István
Fire protection (construction plan)
Brindzik Orsolya (Pentamer Kft.)
Divald Kornél (archív), Danyi Balázs, Mohai Balázs
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