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Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design – Development of the Campus and Creative Innovation Knowledge Park, Phase III
Csillag Katalin, Gunther Zsolt
3h építésziroda
Designed in
Built in
1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, Commendation, 2020
When the MOME campus was developed, all the conditions were in place to create a high-quality architecture: namely, a generous client with a forward-looking vision, a democratic method of selecting architects through an open design competition, and the financial resources needed for the implementation.
The educational buildings standing on the campus area were designed by Zoltán Farkasdy in 1954. Today, at place of the other education wing next to the socialist realist main building there is the new building of the MOME Base. The original intention was to build a third house on the other side of the main building, but was not realized at that time, and now the new MOME Up building is placed there. The designers organized the building complex in the same coordinate system, along an underground street. At the hub of the entire campus circulation system, they created the “heart of MOME”, the Ground, the spaces of which – emerging from under the ground – can become the pulsating center of the university. The new buildings are intentionally heterogeneous in appearance, and each block has a specific interior world. At the same time, many architectural gestures organize them into a unit. The off-white color of the main building and the vertical rhythm of the portico columns are also echoed in the look of the new buildings, of course, by using contemporary tools. Inside the building, unusual insights create similar spatial situations. As a result of the bold interventions and generous architecture, the creation of a new MOME identity, previously set as an objective, and the creation of a more open educational structure also seem to be realized.
Lead architects in charge
Csillag Katalin, Gunther Zsolt
Kállay Gábor, Békesi Tamás
Bálint Ábel, Baranyai Balázs, Boromissza Júlia, Dobrányi Ákos, Farkas Ádám jr., Farkas Ádám, Galamb Emese, Garay-Kiss Dorottya, Gyuricza János, Parizán Borbála, Péteri Zsolt, Tari Krisztina
Structural engineering
Szabó András † (Ysako Tervező Kft.)
Building services engineering
Bukovics János (G&B Plan Kft.)
Electrical engineering
Kun Gábor (Hungaroproject Mérnökiroda Kft.)
Fire protection
Nagy Béla (Flamma Contra Kft.), Pukánszky Gabriella (Nokesy Design Kft.)
Garden and landscape design
Kapás Enikő (Departer Mérnöki Iroda Kft.)
Accessibility designer
Ruttkay-Miklián Ágota
Acoustics and environmental protection
Kotschy András (KOTSCHY és Társai Kft.)
Building constructions
Sipos Gergely (Arkkitehti Építész és Mérnökiroda Kft.)
Architectural heritage
Branczik Márta
Design of road constructions and traffic
Dobrocsi Tamás (Create Value Kft.)
General contractor
Market Építő Zrt.
Bujnovszky Tamás, Danyi Balázs
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