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Office building on Városmajor utca
Lukács István, Vikár András
Vikár és Lukács Építészstúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 13.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, award certificate, 1996
The building stand on a narrow, long formerly vacant plot, with a rich articulation of masses and forms, and fits organically between the adjacent buildings. One of its most striking elements is the lightly designed glass tower between the curved façade surfaces. This, together with the stepping down façade to the right, is a trendy form of the time, not a gesture of “eternity”. However, it honestly conveys the date and spirit of construction, and thus the house will be a fixed reference point for posterity even twenty-five years later.
The Városmajor utca wing has a pitched roof, while the courtyard wing’s design includes a flat roof, a roof garden and a terrace. The glass tower balances the connecting ledge heights of the neighboring buildings, forms a kind of knee-joint point, and at the same time designates the entrance to an unrealized but originally planned passage and the office building. The office spaces can be transformed according to the changing needs. In the inner central part, there are meeting rooms on each floor, with a relatively small floor area and air space. A nice solution is the functional line of servant rooms placed next to the firewall: kitchenette, toilets, elevators and smokeproof staircase. On the basement level and in the attic were placed the MEP rooms supplying the building at a high standard. The entrance to the two-storey car garage can be approached from Városmajor utca, while next to the passage there is a shop-window-like row of commercial units. The structural details of the building are well solved, and the implementation is also careful.
Lukács és Vikár Építészstúdió Kft.
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