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Hungarian Academy of Justice, Training Center
Kalo Emese, Pásztor József, Halmos Tamás
Építész Kaláka Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1122 Budapest, Tóth Lőrinc utca 6.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, award certificate, 2007
The eastern slope of Kissvábhegy was owned by lawyers for almost a century (refer to the name of Árkay's Tisztviselőtelep [=Officers’ Colony] or streets named after famous lawyers). In this peaceful mountainous residential area, a judicial training center was built to meet the challenges of the new millennium, where judges from all over the world are trained in a residential system.
The building was created by converting a former kindergarten. The architects followed a very clear layout disposition: the rebuilt street block included training, dining and other community functions, the accommodation was placed in the wing running perpendicular to it, and finally the recreation rooms were put in the inner wing closing the U-shape. Car parking was solved in the basement. The principle of tectonics determines how the levels appear above each other: there is a plastered surface above the stone cladding, and wooden paneling is installed on the top floor. The entrance wing is slightly stricter on the outside, expressing the authority of the institution, while its inner world is more relaxed and homely. The building communicates well with the environment: the U-shape mass opens to the green surface of the adjacent reservoir. Placing the swimming pool upstairs is a unique solution, as well as its vertically sliding slats. This area is clearly recreational, as not only the swimming pool and wellness block, but also the club (connected to the tennis courts remaining in the site) have found a new home here. The building is an extremely carefully designed architectural work that consistently adapts creative decisions.
Schmal Fülöp
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