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Best Western Hotel Parlament
Németh Tamás, Niczki Tamás
Kima Stúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre 19.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, award certificate, 2006
The apartment building in Lipótváros was built in 1891, and before the renovation, it still bore traces of the extemporary and hasty repairs of the war damages and the years of neglect after the nationalization. It was divided into 19 flats and after being forcibly emptied, it stood worn out and dilapidated for many years. Then, going through a period of slummification and desolation, the building has finally revived.
The obligation of keeping the façade in a historic environment was well interpreted by the owner, who preserved the whole house – in contrast to the practice of “facadism” (keeping the street façade only) used in other locations at the time. The plaster walls of the entrance rich in stuccos, together with the spectacular terrazzo floor give the basic atmosphere. By lowering the courtyard level, the architects created an atrium-like restaurant section, from which the inner façade of the former residential building with typical outside corridor (=gang) is revealed. These corridors became the balconies of the courtyard rooms. Rooms can be accessed from the interior hallways, which start from the new, modern staircase. The old staircase was demolished, only the one-storey section starting from the doorway was kept in its original form. Façade decorations and balconies with wrought iron railings were renovated or replaced in every detail. The way of covering the courtyard is airy and the solution especially witty, as the view towards the neighboring building is temporarily blocked: a series of stretch-banners are hanged between the hotel and the courtyard of the dilapidated house, on which portraits of world-famous Hungarians can be seen. Overall, the creation of the Hotel Parlament in an Eclectic house doomed to destruction is a successful implementation of an exemplary initiative.
Project architect
Németh Tamás, Niczki Tamás
Draskóczy Gergely, Fábián Viktória, Csete Erzsébet
Interior designer
Rottenburg Nathalie
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