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CEU Building, Phase I
Iványi László, Döbröntei Nóra, Iványi Lászlóné, Kaszás István, Papp Ottóné
Planart Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 9.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, medal and award certificate, 1995
The establishment of a new higher education institution in a frequented part of downtown Pest means a multitude of architectural and urban planning challenges. However, the first phase new university buildings of the CEU in Budapest fit into the specific milieu so much as if they had always been there.
The original building part was built in 1826 by Mihály Pollack as a palace for Count Festetics de Tolna. In an unusual way, the representative main entrance of the corner-site building was placed on a diagonal axis, to the corner. The main merit of the new feature is that this function opens a listed monument previously closed to the public. Also, the building that had gone through some quite unfortunate conversions over the decades, was restored with a brilliant architectural intervention. The octagonal inner courtyard (the new hall) organizes the changed functions of the restored two-storey historic building, and connects it with the new, 13 (!) storey high wing built in the core of the block. This new part fits into the ensemble in every way and is almost imperceptible from the street. The architect used warm-toned wood to complete the carefully composed, discreet-looking steel-glass-stone surfaces of the new building part and to fit them to the monument.
Schmal Fülöp
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