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Krüll-Ung Office Building
Kalo Emese, Szabó Eszter, Pásztor József
Építész Kaláka Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1033 Budapest, Reményi Ede utca 2.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, medal and award certificate, 2008
The new office building of the Krüll-Ung shading technology company is located in Óbuda's Danube-side urban fabric, which can hardly be described by a uniform architectural character, style or function. The corner building is a fine example of how to balance the often-contradictory aspects created by challenges and opportunities. Its architectural quality is far beyond that of its environment, but it is not surrounded by a kind of “existential” wall that usually separates contemporary architectural works from their surroundings.
The building displays the ‘logo function’ necessarily associated with its intended use (i.e. the architectural representation of the company) with extreme self-esteem. It is noteworthy that although it is a shading technology company, this theme does not over-dominate the house. The chosen materials and solutions speak for the creative use of the technology. The architectural design is characterized by proportional balance. Although the details, more precisely their lack, allow the house to be interpreted as a kind of box, shading (as one of the most obvious, or greenest elements of air conditioning methods in architecture) also defines building services engineering. Wall and ceiling cooling supplied with water from the building’s own drilled well also makes the house attractive in terms of thermal insulation and sustainability. The building is characterized by a kind of maximalism regarding design and construction, as well as details, which makes it exemplary for both the profession and the general public.
Dénes György
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