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73-apartment residential building
Hajnal Zsolt, Harangi László Barna, Kendlényi Péter
Hajnal Építész Iroda Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1082 Budapest, Futó utca 15–19.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, award certificate, 2006
The area of Futó utca in Central Józsefváros has been experiencing an era of change for almost two decades. This new 73-apartment house was built on a site created by merging three plots. It fits into its surroundings in a dignified, generous, yet restrained way.
The block joins the neighboring buildings with vertical walls that are connected by a beam running along the façade, supported by pillars above the terraces on the fifth floor. The white stone-cladded frame formed this way encloses the building. On the ground floor, the walls are covered with dark gray matt-polished granite in full height. The field inside the framing is divided by five vertical, white-plastered, aperture-free wall bodies, between them there are rows of balconies and windows in the background. This moderate color scheme is enriched by orange-red balcony parapets, pierced by small, circular, well-arranged openings. Going to the first floor, one arrives at the grassed, rectangular inner courtyard surrounded by the building, having an excellent air space ratio. The space created here is a modern, cozy, and artistic redefinition of the inner courtyards with outside corridor typically built at the turn of the 19th-20th century. Today this reinterpretation provides the central, imposing element of the residential building. The short sides are closed by the ventilated staircase installed with glass slat louvres and the studio-flat block. Open corridors running along the long sides of the courtyard are accompanied by wide, solid parapets. Overall, the architect has created a building with a unique atmosphere that can serve as an example for new build-ups in the inner districts of Budapest.
Polgár Attila, Hajdú József, Zsitva Tibor
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