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New residential area in Káposztásmegyer
Lukács István, Vikár András
Vikár és Lukács Építészstúdió Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1048 Budapest, Megyeri út, Külső Szilágyi út sarka
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, award certificate, 2005
First 238 social rental flats, then 126 market-selling homes were built in the block surrounded by Külső Szilágyi út - Megyeri út - Farkaserdő út, In a very laudable way, the architects aligned the siting of the blocks to the row of trees crossing the area, once actually lining a road, this way restoring the former alley character.
Even the central curved block embraces a tree. Although the need for low construction costs resulted in simple building blocks, the architects managed to create some kind of diversity with outside corridors and terraces. The height of the buildings varies between three and seven floors. The architectural solution of the terraces is striking: on the outside they are supported by blade walls that enliven the façade, thus, due to the lower loads on the inner side, it was easier and cheaper to minimize the thermal bridge. Using stone cladding on the ground floor does not seem necessary, but the uniformly good standard of construction is commendable. Thanks to the flat roofs, the geometry of the blocks could be freely shaped, so a so-called double-façade house with a circular floor plan could be built. The commercial and service units on the ground floor complement the upstairs residential function well. Although at first glance it might be blamed with some self-serving urban formalism, the gestures of the ensemble wedged between the housing estates of Káposztásmegyer are not for themselves: in every element the building shows a responsible designer and investor attitude, which makes the project exemplary.
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