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Buda Children's Hospital
Csikós Zoltán, Gelesz András, Lenzsér Péter, Németh Tamás, Márton László Attila
Atlant Épülettervező Kft.
Designed in
Built in
1023 Budapest, Bolyai utca 5–9.
Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence, medal and award certificate, 1998
The Buda Children's Hospital had previously operated at five locations in seven buildings. It was therefore a legitimate need to bring the scattered ensemble together into a single, operationally viable complex.
The free space necessary for this goal was available on the Bolyai Street site, between the existing “A” and “B” buildings. The latter was originally built as a villa in 1927 in a Classicizing style. In the area of Rózsadomb, finding a sensitive, stylish and friendly architectural behavior is an extraordinary challenge today, but the task here was further complicated by the steep slope of the terrain. Adaptation to the environment in terms of size was not complete in this case either. Although organizing the building in one block is undoubtedly advantageous from the operational point of view, several smaller units with a closer connection to the garden and the natural environment might have evoked the spacious, airy world of the onetime Rózsadomb more sensitively. At the same time, the new wing's playful articulation, the external-internal spatial connections, and the masterful use of the brick cladding help to forget the scale that may seem excessive in its surroundings. The architects also made a virtue out of necessity caused by the steep slope: they provided direct access to the garden from the two intermediate levels of the care units. Also, a closed corridor leads from the attic to the 1st floor of building “B”, which was previously inaccessible by elevator and wheelchair.
Csikós Zoltán
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