Budapest Legend
Budapesti kortárs építészet térképen
Budapest contemporary architecture map
About the project
The aim of the Chamber of Budapest Architects is to create a map database including the best contemporary Budapest buildings of the past period. The resulting catalog creates an interactive, searchable database of contemporary buildings accessible to all. In addition to the map display, photos and a brief presentation will help the reader get familiar with the certain building. The capital’s defining architectural works of the present and the near past can be placed on the same map, and thus they serve as the most direct reference and benchmark for future works. Buildings that have received widespread professional recognition and are examples of good practice in some way can be included in the database. The goal is to make the resulting collection an easy-to-read and inspiring cross-section of the capital's contemporary and recent landmark architectural creations.
Buildings of the last twenty years that have been recognized by the Budapest Award of Architectural Excellence constitute the foundation of the database, continuously supplemented by the works to be awarded in the following years. At the same time, the districts of the capital and other professional organizations have the chance to put on the map any works considered exemplary that were realized within their own horizons. The nominated buildings may be included in the map database on the basis of a professional assessment by the Chamber of Budapest Architects.
The aim of the project is to present the outstanding works of contemporary architecture in Budapest via a newly developed public website. This new website will provide useful information not only for the profession, but also for the representatives of associated arts, civil and professional researchers of urban history and the general public interested in architecture, as well as for builders, investors and tourism.
The project contributes to the Chamber of Budapest Architects’ efforts that attach great importance to presenting the artistic achievements of the profession, informing the general public, enhancing their sensitivity to architecture through raising awareness and presenting contemporary architecture in a way easily accessible for all.